Lam Seng Plastics Industries Sdn Bhd (LSP) is an Malaysia plastic OEM products manufacturer specializes in plastic household wares, industrial containers and plastic packaging.

Established in 1967 by its founder Mr. Tan Chew Seng, Lam Seng Plastics' main objective is to be the leading manufacturer of plastics products of the highest quality to meet the expanding needs of the rapidly growing industries in Malaysia. As such, Lam Seng Plastics provides an extensive range of high quality plastic products. Our plastic parts and components are made for electrical appliances such as fan parts, vacuum cleaner parts, fridge parts and EIAJ-RRM carrier reels. Our heavy-duty industrial containers and plastic crates are used widely in agriculture and industry in Malaysia. We are also well-known for our plastic household wares and packaging containers that are made for packaging food and detergents.

Our extensive range of plastic products, household wares, and heavy-duty industrial containers in Malaysia are marketed under the WINNER trademark.

As OEM manufacturers of plastic products, household wares, and industrial containers in Malaysia, LSP is well-known of uncompromising standards of quality control and manufacturing excellence under the WINNER trademark. Each plastic product that is made in our manufacturing facility is of the highest quality and guaranteed to last, which reflects our expertise in the injection molding and blow molding processes.

At Lam Seng Plastics, we put our customers at the forefront. Our culture is to listen to the customers and provide expert consultation and solutions that ensures that your needs are satisfactorily met. At Lam Seng Plastics, we believe that customers' success is ultimately ours as well.

Our research teams work hard to research and innovate using the latest technology to advance our product lines to meet and exceed the demands of Malaysia's modern industry needs.

If you're looking for a trusted OEM manufacturer of plastic products, household wares, and heavy-duty industrial containers in Malaysia, please call us or contact us via email and we will attend to you as soon as possible.

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Keris Award 2004

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