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Lam Seng Plastic manufactures a wide variety of plastic industrial containers, which are widely used in various industries across the nation. These includes collapsible bulk containers, bulk containers, nest containers, buckets etc. Plastic industrial containers can be used for different objectives, for its superior properties. Our plastic boxes, containers and crates are ideal for industrial storage, warehousing, logistics, catering, stockroom, moves and domestic storage Our industrial containers are used in a wide myriad of manufacturing applications, mainly for storage, transportation, pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing chains and many more.

Lam Seng Plastic Industrial containers provide superior protection for your products. They are suitable for storing ingredients, raw productions, bakery, chemical substances and counting. Due to the fact that plastic containers are light weight, it makes them a favorite for logistic and transportation purposes. Many of these industrial containers are designed to be nest able, and collapsible for maximum space efficiency. 

We offer the complete plastic solution with different colors, dimensions and sizes to meet your specific demands. Plastic industrial containers are built to last for many years, while maintaining its form and shape over years of abuse in extreme conditions. Most of them are designed to be molded into one piece, to eliminate worries over joint loose, screws etc.

Browse through our product catalogue to have a better understanding on our plastic industrial containers. If anything else, please feel free to contact us at 603-7955 9522 for professional advice. 

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