WINNER Brand Products

The WINNER trademark has a proven track record of quality in the Malaysian market throughout the years and will strive for further outstanding performance in delivering the commitment of enhanced high quality products to the customers. We carry products ranging from household wares, industrial containers to packaging tubs.

The WINNER brand plastic products bear many advantages over close competitors, and is widely used nationwide. WINNER plastic products can be found in grocers, homes, factories, labs and others for material handling purposes. The never ending research work has brought us to gain one of the most sophisticated plastic manufacturing technologies, to offer quality plastic products. The WINNER Brand is synonymous with our quality.

WINNER plastic products are promised with top quality in the market. Our manufacturing standards are on par with the industry's most stringent standards and guidelines. WINNER plastic products are manufactured with thicker wall for maximum durability. On top of that, our plastic products are odorless unlike alternative plastic offerings in the market.

Feel free to browse through the product catalogue for better graphic illustrations. We distribute plastic products of different colors, sizes, dimensions and designs. We are confident you will find one that suits your needs.

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OEM Contract Plastic Molding

The wide ranges of OEM plastic products reflect the ingenuity of Lam Seng Plastic in the local and international market. Over decades of experience and commitment in OEM manufacturing, Lam Seng Plastic has established a network of renowned customers throughout the country. Due to the huge demands for customized plastic products design, we have invested heavily to serve the valuable crowd and audience. We partner with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to complete their final design of products.

Lam Seng Plastic takes an aggressive approach in adopting to cater our business partners. Our OEM plastic molding spans a wide range of domestic businesses including household products, industrial products, and pharmaceutical products and growing.

Our OEM contract plastic molding allows business partners to focus on what they are best at, on their core competencies. Lam Seng offers an easy solution with plastic molding to take the hassle off your hands, with quality plastic products. We are continually developing on our core strengths, to be able to better meet your business & marketing needs. Please browse through our e catalogue for more information regarding OEM contract plastic molding.

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